Saturday, June 15, 2013

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Down By The Riverside

Enjoy photos of Down By the Riverside with Ranger Bonny, Ranger Matt, Brian, and Bobby!
joesarak's DBR 2013 album on Photobucket

Friday, May 17, 2013

Working Dog Presentation - Pet Village

Thanks to Jen, Ryan, Derek, and Nico for coming out to our school to do a presentation. We loved watching Nico! Click on the video below to watch him in action!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Homework Assigned 5/16/13 DUE: 5/21/13

□ R.A.H. (every night for 
40 minutes)
□ Reading Worksheet: Anchors Aweigh!
Mrs. Tiano’s Class

□ Reading Worksheet: Suprises at the Zoo
□ Reading Worksheet: Lucky Carlos


2. Math

□ Work on your Falcon Facts

3. Word Work

□ No Word Work

Friday, May 03, 2013

Homework Assigned on Thursday, May 2nd - Due Monday, June 10th

I didn't send home a reading, math or word work worksheet yesterday. Instead, I sent home a book report form for their last speech. See forms below:

Free Choice Book Report

There are no kids on the planet who are better presenters than C-1’s fifth graders. . . That means YOU! As a special reward for your wonderfulness, your final speech/book report/project for this year can be on any book you choose, 100 pages or more!  Here’s your chance to choose a genre’ you really love! Historical Fiction? Science Fiction? Non-Fiction? Realistic Fiction? Humor? Mystery? Biography? Fantasy? Poetry? Mythology? Anything!

Here are the only guidelines you’ll need:
ü  Make your presentation at least 2 minutes long.
ü  Have it MEMORIZED. (Brief note cards are OK, but don’t just “read.”)
o   Ideas of what to include are attached.
ü  Practice, practice, practice until it feels comfortable and smooth.
ü  Include “Something Special” in your report. (See below)
ü  Complete the “Speech Practice Form” to turn in on report day.

Something Special
Anything you come up with would be fine, but here are some suggestions:

  • Make a mobile with events, characters, and settings from your book.
  • Create a poster that makes others want to read your book.
  • Design a diorama.
  • Come in costume as a character from your book.
  • Make a puppet.
  • Create a collage of images that represent your book.
  • Paint a scene or setting.
  • Build a model scene or setting.
  • Create a sculpture.
  • Try paper mache’.
  • Make a pop up book.
  • Design an alternate book cover.
  • Make your presentation in PowerPoint form.
  • Use Publisher or Word to create fliers or handouts about your book.
  • Film your presentation in video format. Introduce it to us, and show it!
  • Bring artifacts or objects important in your book.
  • Create a timeline of events.

Name: ___________________________ will be ready to present on Monday, June 9th.
Wow! That’s MORE THAN A MONTH to prepare!  I KNOW we’ll be ready!
__________________________ Parent Signature

Free Choice Oral Book Report

Name:  _________________________

Title of Book:______________________________


Below are details of what you need to include for your speech:

____ Book title is read and book is displayed (you must have your book)


____ Author and Illustrator are identified.


____ The setting is described with details and the time the story takes place is identified.


____ 2 -3 main characters are identified with details about each one.

____ The big problem needed to be solved in this book is identified with details.

____ Funny/Naughty/Brave or __________________________  actions are identified.

____ Project is colorful and neatly done.

____The details of the favorite part are explained and clearly matchproject.

____ Detailed recommendation is given (example, who would you recommend this book to?)

____ Possible locations of the book are given.

____  Student used a clear, loud voice that could be heard in the back of the room.

____ Student was prepared for the oral book report.  He/she had obviously practiced giving it aloud several times because there were very few mistakes, hardly any pauses with “ums” or “uhs”, and the student did not lose his/her place during the report.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Homework Assigned on 4/26/13 DUE: 4/30/13

□ R.A.H. (every night for 
40 minutes)
□ Reading Worksheet: Kitt Peak National Observatory
Mrs. Tiano’s Class
□ Reading Worksheet: Mr. Johnson’s Offer
□ Reading Worksheet: Moving Pictures

2. Math
□Work on your Falcon Facts
□Graphing Worksheet
3. Word Work
□ Metaphor Worksheet